Progress – My Starter Routine (plus bonus recipe!)

progress 1a

I did my second spice mask treatment today!

progress 1b

I mixed it with yogurt and milk again. I think the lactic acid is good for my skin. I left it on for about 10 minutes while I did my 30-day squat challenge for the day! Then I wiped it off with a warm wet washcloth (two, actually, since I hit all my problem areas today, since I didn’t need to take pictures for you folks), and gently buffed my skin with my Swisspers Walnut Exfoliating Sponge (I wet it first, of course).

progress 1c

Afterward, I applied my niacin topical gel (recipe coming soon) and let it dry. As a moisturizer, since I’d made my skin as bare and absorbent as possible, I mixed a dab of coconut oil with a few drops from a rather old bottle of Gum-omile Oil  -which is currently the closest thing I have to what I really want: Enessa Clove Acne Control and Diminish Scar Treatment (though I’d also be happy to have a bottle of Thieves Oil for skin use). These three oils are all in my holiday wish list this year 🙂 That and better, not-old makeup, haha!

progress 1d

Today I also mixed up a powder blend for myself and applied it after the oils so it would stick better to my skin (old Victorian makeup trick). The powder was equal parts rice flour (sifted through pantyhose in an old pill bottle :P) and cornstarch. These were about 3 Tbs each. Then I added about 1/2 tsp alum to the bottle, capped it, and shook well to combine. I applied with my not-fluffy powder brush – I wanted to “press” it on my skin, not coat myself in powder! Plus, alum in the eyes would probably not be fun at all!

Rice powder and cornstarch have been used as face and body powder for centuries. Yes, they are food, and yes, they can grow bacteria… However, I don’t think I’ll have the powder on my face for more than 6 hours at a time – After a while my oil production kicks in and I have to wash everything off my face no matter what makeup I’m wearing!

The other ingredient, alum, is an astringent, anti-septic, and anti-bacterial. It’s also an anti-coagulant. It’s commonly used in deodorant stones, mineral deodorants, styptic pens for shaving, and pickling. Alum has been in use for generations, and when used on skin in a powder or toner, it serves to shrink pores, lighten skin, and fight bacteria.

Indeed, I do think my skin feels much less textured after using it! In particular, my nose is very smooth, no large pores visible and not very flaky (though that may be the buffing, at least partly). My face is all-over “lighter and um… tighter?” (as The Guy put it when I asked what he thought of my face today), haha!

Before bed, I’ve been putting tea tree oil all over my face. It burns the eyes for a few minutes, and smells very strong, but it’s been helping some of my really bad active cysts go away (see photo # 3).

What kind of recipes/tutorials would you folks like to see? I’ll be trying out some neat-o braided hairstyles soon now that my hair’s long enough!


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