Honey to Lighten the Hair!

Hello, friends! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a while! I had a bout of computer issues, then took a week off to work on some projects (which you can view at my other blog, Moonlit Costumes).

I’m back now, and I have a wonderful discovery to share with you! Honey can be used to lighten your hair, no matter what colour it is, whether it has been chemically treated or not, and it will actually leave your hair in better shape than before!

Example: (click to embiggen)

Honey bleach 1a

This is after just one treatment! It made a huge difference, especially in person 😀 Plus, it left my hair feeling so silky soft.

honey comparison 1b

This treatment can be done as often as you like, so I’ll be aiming to do it at least once a week! I want super-light blonde hair, and lots of honey treatments are so much better on my hair than multiple sessions of bleach. 😛 BONUS! It makes your head smell amazing! Kind of like my “singer’s tea” of warm water, honey, and lemon! (of course, there’s no lemon in it, you’ll see why below)

The premise is simple: Mix honey and water (in certain proportions – I used 2 TBS honey to 3/4 cup purified water) in a bowl, wait an hour for the peroxide to develop (yes, honey contains peroxide!), apply to head, wrap head in lots of plastic to avoid drying (it needs to stay wet for the peroxide to stay active), leave on for 1 hr or more (I left mine on for two). The only thing to avoid is outside heat (no sunlight or blowdryers) and sunshine (it oxidizes the peroxide). Also, don’t try adding lemon, Vitamin C tablets, or anything else containing Vitamin C, as the peroxide will work on oxidizing that, thereby depleting the treatment of any peroxide. Distilled water is best, but since I didn’t have that (and I didn’t want to risk the PH of my tap water being way off and wasting my good honey), I just used some purified spring water and it worked alright!

There are all sorts of natural peroxide boosters you can add, such as cinnamon (apparently it doesn’t dye hair), coconut oil, and EVOO, but I stuck with the basics for my first run. I wanted to add coconut oil, but I’m having a time of it trying to figure out how to get the water and oil to mix without having to heat the oil (you really want to stay away from heat with the honey). I also don’t have any actual EVOO – most oils labelled as such tend to be blends of oils, mislabeled and not actually EVOO!

Here’s a good source of links to all the info you could ever want on honey lightening! The links are all to the LHC forums, but Ktani’s page has all of the info at easy reach!

Hmm, I think I’ll do another treatment tomorrow maybe…


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