More Honey Lightening Progress!

Hi everyone! I haven’t given up blogging, I’m just super-duper busy trying to finish costumes by this weekend! You can check out the action over at Moonlit Costumes, my other blog 🙂

I don’t want to go too long without posting though! So for now you’ll get a quick look at my progress thus far with my honey hair lightening treatments. (Check out my first post on honey lightening for helpful links and recipes!)

honey lightening cute

Click the pics to embiggen and see better comparison!

Honey Comparison 2a

Honey Comparison 2b

Please forgive my awesome zombie face in the later pics! Here is evident the progressive exhaustion of a costumer rushing to make deadline whilst also trying to finish a mermaid project for barter.  😛  In that last pic on top, I actually just woke up and needed to take a pic before the sun came up and the light changed!

Also in the last pic, we had not had hot water for a few days, so my hair is a “little” greasy, haha! So it looks a little darker because I hadn’t gotten to wash it for the picture yet.

(The story behind the lack of hot water involves my house catching fire. It’s pretty entertaining.)

After the first honey treatment, I did end up picking up a gallon of distilled water. It looks like it does, indeed, help keep the PH of the honey mixture more consistent. For the treatment including cinnamon, I used only a small amount, around a teaspoon, if that. I was doing two treatments in one day, and was tired of washing my hair already, and didn’t want to work too hard to get the cinnamon out. 😛

Overall I’m very happy with how it’s coming out – a lot of the blotchiness is gone (I always leave spots, and more so when I’m trying not to fry my hair) and the colour is evening out very nicely 🙂 I may still need to go to a professional to get my hair toned to white/silver, but for now this is a perfectly acceptable solution! I’ll probably keep doing honey treatments as long as I’m blonde, because I really like how it evens things out – not to mention how freaking healthy my hair is! It’s strong and thick, not so cotton-candy-like (I’ve always had ridiculously, impossible-to-wrangle baby-fine hair, which is why it’s been so long since I grew my hair out).

AND SO SHINY. OMG. You know all those “shine sprays” to make your hair look healthy and pretty like in the ads (even though the sprays always just make my hair greasy, haha)? Well, they have nothing on the shiny-ness of my hair. It’s like real-life photoshop!

Anyways, I have to get back to costuming! It’s crunch time!


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