“Crunchy” Spring Cleaning!

In addition to “normal” spring cleaning, I’m also doing a bunch of “crunchy” cleaning!

Last night I cleaned the ever-loving crud out of my vintage adjustable safety razor. It’s an old Gillette Slim Adjustable, and I love it because A) the replacement blades are stupid cheap and extremely recyclable; B) it works better than most modern razors I’ve used; and C) it’s SO EASY to clean when it gets clogged while in use. I’ve had it stashed in a cabinet for quite some time now because I new I needed to clean it but was lazy. It was gross, but now my razor is shiny and beautiful again! I can’t wait to use it again, I missed my old friend!

Like this one above – photo from Badger and Blade

*realizes they just sounded like Sweeny Todd for a moment there*

Today I’m cleaning out a bunch of glass containers and tins that once held things like salves, extractions, and essential oils, so I can fill them with new things now that I have the beeswax I’ve been needing to make everything! And of course, I’ve got a few tins of mints that I picked up mainly for the packaging (I found some really neat tins with green tea lychee mints in them! Score!).

What’s driving me crazy, though, is my apparent lack of a small glass/ceramic divided tray in which to mix individual portions of my face paints/cosmetics in… I would use plastic, but I use French Green Clay, which is pretty picky about the surfaces it contacts – it tends to leach things out of metal and some plastics. >.<

Anyways, I’ve been so quiet on my two blogs because, honestly, a lot of what I want to post about falls under both blogs’ scope! I’ve been researching a lot of ancient cosmetics, from the Renaissance all the way back to ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt – I’m preparing to make quite a few cosmetics to go with my festival costumes (I have the chance to accompany a friend to a local Olympus-themed festival). So I’ve been considering merging both into one blog, because there’s also a lot of other things that don’t really fit in either category that I want to share with you! What do you guys think?


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