“Crunchy” Spring Cleaning!

In addition to “normal” spring cleaning, I’m also doing a bunch of “crunchy” cleaning!

Last night I cleaned the ever-loving crud out of my vintage adjustable safety razor. It’s an old Gillette Slim Adjustable, and I love it because A) the replacement blades are stupid cheap and extremely recyclable; B) it works better than most modern razors I’ve used; and C) it’s SO EASY to clean when it gets clogged while in use. I’ve had it stashed in a cabinet for quite some time now because I new I needed to clean it but was lazy. It was gross, but now my razor is shiny and beautiful again! I can’t wait to use it again, I missed my old friend!

Like this one above – photo from Badger and Blade

*realizes they just sounded like Sweeny Todd for a moment there*

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